Accumulation and investment application Yancep receives investment with a valuation of 5 million dollars


Yancep, Turkey’s first investment fund application that enables everyone to accumulate small amounts, received an investment with a valuation of 5 million dollars led by Koçfinans, Papara, EGİAD Melekleri, Inveo Ventures, and hiBoost in its second investment round. Angel investors such as Begüm Öztan, Emir Temizkan, Koray Bahar, Muhammet Kaya, Siret Ünsal, Yağız Gökdemir, and Yakup Ekşi also participated in the round. Yancep, which started its operations in July 2022, continues to work to spread the ability to invest with small amounts to a wider audience. Yancep, which received an investment with a valuation of 1 million dollars in its first investment round last year, increased its valuation by five times in its second investment round led by Koçfinans, Papara, EGİAD Melekleri, Inveo Ventures, and hiBoost. Yancep, which closed this investment round with a valuation of 5 million dollars, will use the investment it received to improve the application and offer new features to its users.

“We increased our company valuation by 5 times in one year”
Yancep Co-Founder Hilmi Kaya, who stated that Yancep only works with institutions authorized by the Capital Markets Board (SPK), said: “We have exceeded 40 thousand users in a short time. We keep our investors’ savings under the guarantee of licensed institutions that are regularly audited. Most of our users took their first investment steps in the capital markets through Yancep by opening their investment accounts. Users gain a regular savings habit by selecting their accumulation goals within the application.”

“Even a 1 TL accumulation turns into an investment in Yancep”
Yancep Co-Founder Ege Ertez summarized the value propositions they offer to users as follows: “Even a 1 TL accumulation turning into an investment in Yancep constitutes the main value proposition of Yancep. In addition, the management of these investments by experts offers users the opportunity to invest without the need to follow financial markets. Users in Yancep prefer thematic funds that invest in themes such as technology, sustainability, and artificial intelligence the most. Yancep, which brings users together with these themes thanks to its easy interface, contributes to the widespread adoption of impact investment and sustainable investment approach.”

“We established Yancep Academy”
Highlighting that users in Yancep can invest without the need for large accumulations or following financial markets, Hilmi Kaya said, “Another mission of ours in Yancep is to improve financial literacy and increase participation in the capital markets. Within the scope of Yancep Academy, we organized financial literacy education and case studies with more than 20 universities and start-ups. We will continue to develop financial literacy with the studies we will conduct as Yancep.”

“New investment products are coming to Yancep soon”
Ege Ertez, who provided information about Yancep’s future projects, concluded his words as follows: “The culture of innovation is one of the most important values of our company. We will continue to develop new investment products by listening to our users and considering their needs.”

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