Germany Market Sustainability Startup Acceleration Program for Turkish Startups

Germany Market

A sustainability-focused acceleration program is starting for startups targeting the Germany market. Supported by NRW Global Business Turkey, the program organized by in4startups aims to facilitate Turkish startups’ entry into the Germany market. After conducting startup analyses for applicants, the program will offer training, seminars, one-on-one mentoring sessions with mentors knowledgeable about the Germany market, and meetings with investors. Participating startups will present their ventures to leading figures in the entrepreneurship ecosystem at a demoday event at the end of the program. The event will also feature the launch of the Sustainability Report, which includes the participating startups and partner institutions. Additionally, entrepreneurs who successfully complete the program will earn the right to participate in a roadshow in Germany.

The Economic Center of Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

Germany is home to 1,800 globally recognized major companies, along with approximately 15,000 Mittelstand companies with over 250 employees and turnovers exceeding 50 million Euros, reaching into the billions. Among these, 1,300 are hidden champions. A study among these companies reveals their inability to undertake necessary digital transformation and technological innovation due to a lack of qualified personnel and time. Close to 4,000 of these firms are based in NRW. The state governments believe that these needs can only be met with technology companies and startups from within the country and abroad.

North Rhine-Westphalia offers tremendous opportunities, especially in digital technologies, high and innovative technologies. Green technologies, energy technologies, hydrogen economy, biotechnologies, cybersecurity, smart industries (digital technologies, artificial intelligence, big data), medical technologies, smart mobility, and logistics technologies are among the most pressing topics that will propel companies and economies into the future. There’s a significant demand for innovative firms in various technology fields, including energy, information and communication, industrial production, logistics, health, and automotive, with NRW being a European leader in many of these areas.

Application Requirements for the Program:

Applications for the Germany Market Sustainability Startup Acceleration Program will end on Sunday, March 10. To allow participation from all over Turkey, the events, training, consulting, and mentorships within the program will be conducted online.

Applying startups are expected to be incorporated and at the product level, enabling them to immediately start selling in the Germany market, establish a company in Germany, and receive investments from German investment funds at the end of the acceleration program.

For Applications:

For Program Fees:

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