E-commerce Marketplace b4mar receives 1.8 Million TL Investment

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In4startups, the platform that digitalizes the commercialization and investment processes of startups, founded by Ahmet Sefa Bir and Şerafettin Özsoy, began its transformation into a startup studio after its recent 2nd round of investment. With this transformation, the studio aims to generate new startups from within. The first of these initiatives was the e-commerce marketplace project. In4startups founders, Ahmet Sefa Bir and Şerafettin Özsoy, demonstrated their ability to find investments for new initiatives even in the idea phase. According to the announced figures, b4mar received 1.8 Million TL investment for 12% stake at a 15 Million TL valuation when it was still in the idea phase. The investment was made by industrialist and investor Melih Sınırcı, who is part of in4startups’ investor pool.

What Makes B4mar Different?

The e-commerce marketplace market is a highly competitive and dominated by giant “decacorn” players. Therefore, b4mar has a niche and clear gaming strategy. The most important advantage that the platform offers to consumers is reasonable prices. Unlike other marketplaces that promise to send products in minutes, b4mar doesn’t make such a commitment due to the high cost of this promise, which is ultimately reflected in prices for consumers on other marketplaces. b4mar will soon launch a referral sales system, which will give customers the opportunity to benefit from special discounts and free products from the sales of the people they refer to the platform.

For store owners and suppliers, there will be advantages to provide products at a lower cost. In other marketplaces, hundreds of sellers from the same brand are forced to pay high marketplace commissions and advertising costs to stand out, which leads to higher product prices for consumers. In b4mar, there is a goal to have only one seller per brand, who is ideally the manufacturer or someone with exclusive rights to sell the product. This approach aims to allow direct access to manufacturer prices without intermediary costs. As a result, store owners can offer consumers more attractive prices since the elimination of the profitability problem resulting from the economies of scale from being the only seller in their brand, as well as paying lower marketplace commissions. Therefore, b4mar carefully selects its suppliers, and initially, agreed with fewer but more respected manufacturers nationwide to reach better suppliers.

Main Goal: Opening the Doors of Anatolia to E-commerce In Anatolia

Many producers want to increase their sales by either supplying their products to national retail chains or by becoming sellers on well-known e-commerce marketplaces. However, since the number of brands that can sell in national retail chains is very limited, many producers see selling on e-commerce marketplaces as the solution. But selling on well-known marketplaces is quite costly due to the high commission rates, which can go up to 30%. Additionally, there is a great competition among thousands of sellers selling the same product, and to stand out, you have to buy advertising space on the marketplaces. Therefore, many producers who want to start e-commerce in Anatolia are facing a serious cost problem.

However, B4mar provides a significant advantage for Anatolian producers. The supplier store opening strategy is applied so that there is one seller from every brand in each product, and priority is given to the manufacturer of the brand or companies with “exclusive” sales rights. Additionally, commission rates are quite reasonable compared to other marketplaces.

B4mar’s Global Goals and 2nd Investment Round

B4mar has started planning and making preliminary contacts for many countries as part of its globalization goals. The first of these is Saudi Arabia. Special collaborations are aimed to be developed with the support of both Turkish and Saudi official authorities to facilitate the sales of Turkish food and textile products to Saudi Arabia and Saudi oil derivative retail products to Turkey. In addition, participation banking is aimed to be taken into account in digital products and payment systems in the payment systems.

Another country is Germany. A plan to expand to European countries based in Germany is being made by using the shopping habits of Turkish citizens living abroad as a catalyst. Uzbekistan is considered as the central hub for the Turkish Republics, and Israel is considered as the main country to be included in the sales of kosher certified products. Georgia is targeted as the central country for expansion into the Caucasus.

One of the most important aspects of the global strategy is the sustainability efforts. B4mar aims to have a working plan compatible with the United Nations’ Global Development Goals since its establishment. In the coming months, it will release its own sustainability manifesto, revealing its plan for this area.

B4mar aims to launch its second investment round soon, with the expected date being in July. In the second investment round, it aims to receive strategic investments from experienced investors in traditional retailing, marketplace management, supply chain management, and international trade, whether they are individual or institutional investors.

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