Winners of Eksim Pulse Startup Acceleration Program Met at DemoDay!


Eksim Pulse Startup Acceleration Program, which was initiated by Eksim Holding with the support of Dicle Elektrik to contribute to the development of innovative business ideas, gave its first graduates. 7 teams selected from 106 startups; Eksim Pulse explained its innovative technologies in fields such as energy distribution management, energy distribution technologies, digital solutions, energy supply and energy logistics at the Eksim Pulse DemoDay event with the participation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and sector representatives. Eksim Pulse graduates, who went through training and mentoring processes for four months, received a cash award worth 700 thousand TL in total.

The teams that graduated from the Eksim Pulse Startup Acceleration Program, implemented with the support of Eksim Holding group company Dicle Elektrik, presented their innovative technologies to the startup ecosystem at the DemoDay event held in Istanbul Workinton Levent 199. 7 teams graduated from Eksim Pulse Startup Acceleration Program, while earning a total of 700 thousand TL in cash support, they had the opportunity to develop their projects with mentoring and training programs and to receive investment from Eksim Ventures. 7 startups serving in the field of energy have taken their business one step further by being included in the entrepreneurial ecosystem with their projects that will shape the future of energy.

An opportunity to invest in the future of energy

Making the opening speech of the event, Eksim Holding Technology, R&D and Business Development President Uğur Mutluhan Oruncak said, “We are happy to have the first graduates of the Eksim Pulse Startup Acceleration Program, which we have implemented to support innovative business ideas and bring them together with global circles. Our first program focused on projects for the energy sector. In this context, as Eksim Holding, we supported the teams of projects that contribute to the renewable energy mission we undertake and that we believe will shape the sustainable future, with theoretical trainings, mentorship, office opportunities and cash awards for four months. Within the scope of this support, under the leadership of Eksim Ventures, one of our holding companies, we contribute to the growth of new generation enterprises that offer sustainable solutions for the energy sector. I sincerely congratulate all our teams who develop efficiency-oriented artificial intelligence-based business ideas. As Eksim Holding, we will continue to support the local entrepreneurial ecosystem with our investments.” used the phrases. In his speech, Eksim Pulse Manager Kürşad Karadaş expressed their satisfaction with presenting the projects covering the innovative energy solutions of the future to the entrepreneurial ecosystem under the DemoDay event.

Dicle Elektrik supports the energy of the future

Supporting the program, Dicle Elektrik Deputy General Manager Şeref Korhan stated that they are a company that provides electricity distribution services in 6 provinces of the Southeastern Anatolia Region and provides significant gains in the region, especially in savings, with the digital infrastructure transformation they provide; “We offer “lossless-uninterrupted-quality” electricity distribution service to 2.2 million subscribers. While providing this service, we see that the energy need in the world is increasing day by day, and we carry out national and international studies in our R&D center in order to contribute to the innovative studies. Eksim Pulse, on the other hand, set out to support the initiatives of the energy sector in its first program. As Dicle Elektrik, we were happy to support them on this journey. We congratulate our teams, who are the owners of the projects that will strengthen the new generation energy systems with their initiatives. I can proudly say that the work carried out in this field will facilitate the access of future generations to energy with an environmentalist understanding.”

Entrepreneurs marked the day with their presentations

The teams that took the stage within the scope of Eksim Pulse DemoDay conveyed their business ideas including efficiency and simulation solutions, storage of excess demand energy, artificial intelligence and underground energy map to industry representatives who want to invest in the future of energy.

Hummingdrone: Using autonomous drones and software, it develops analysis solutions that contribute to the efficient growth of the solar energy industry. Drones equipped with thermal and high-resolution cameras take the management of solar plants to an innovative level with precise inspection.

PowerDev: It collects energy big data in real time and produces high-performance models based on artificial intelligence. Thus, it ensures that renewable energy and battery storage investments are made quickly and reliably and that this is data-based.

BatteryZEKASI: BatteryZEKASI platform developed by ArtificaX Bilişim; It covers a platform created to reduce battery maintenance costs for electric vehicle manufacturers and users, electric fleet owners and battery energy storage systems (BESS). Platform; It stands out with its ability to monitor the health status of the batteries in real time and to issue an expertise report, and to inform in advance about the problems that may occur in the batteries with the help of artificial intelligence.

Geodo: With its original technology supported by artificial intelligence, it creates a digital map of the underground energy distribution inventories with an average error margin of 3-4 centimeters on the depth and horizontal axis, without the need for any digging.

Bee Battery: Project; It aims to prevent energy consumption arising from the discrepancy between the time when electricity is produced the most and the time period when it is consumed the most. The modular smart energy storage system, which designs the electricity needs of places such as homes, workplaces and factories, provides cost advantage and confidence.

Massive Energy: It provides a personalized device recommendation system by profiling the consumption of electrical devices in households. It contributes to the improvement of the energy consumption culture with its vision of energy efficiency that puts people at the center.

Virmode: Develops simulations of technical training needed by personnel working in the energy sector. Virmode Software already has 2 commercialized products

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