South African Entrepreneurs Can Win Up To USD 20,000 And More With UPG Biashara


UPG Biashara is an initiative that supports entrepreneurs in their journey to turn ideas into businesses. The unique ecosystem is built with a view that entrepreneurs make the world a better place and so they deserve support that maximises their chances of success. And this support is provided for free to 500 motivated entrepreneurs who earn their place by demonstrating their ideas and their passion. South Africa is on a shortlist of priority countries thanks to the Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant and this provides advantages at several stages, from the application to the selection and to the grants. The Application Deadline is 19 January 2024 and interested individuals can apply and learn more here:

“In the past year, two visionary South African entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity, securing cash grants through UPG Biashara. Today, we joyously extend our welcome to South Africa once more, reaffirming its status as a priority country” said Yemi Babington-Ashaye. President, United People Global. The Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant is dedicated to assisting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, promoting inclusivity and inspiration. Over the past two years, deserving UPG Biashara Entrepreneurs have received grants of up to USD 20,000.

As a priority country, South African entrepreneurs will enjoy priority in the selection into the Class of 2024 of UPG Biashara. Once accepted, they will obtain significant support in their entrepreneurship journey, learning both hard and soft skills. The Class of 2023 of UPG Biashara Entrepreneurs benefitted from: 52 classes, 78 hours of class time, 36 instructors, 397 LIVE pitches and CASH grants! All free. They will also expand their network and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from over 50 countries, across all world regions. In addition, South Africaan entrepreneurs also enjoy priority status with the Diamonds do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant.

UPG Biashara is defined by two distinct journeys: the Learning Journey and the Action Journey. Grants are provided during the Action Journey and are possible through several grants, especially the Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant which is a unique USD 130,000 partnership with Diamonds Do Good®.

The Diamonds do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant is an accelerator of the impact that entrepreneurs can have in communities, with a special focus on small and medium size entrepreneurs. The Diamonds do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant is as inclusive as it is inspiring. Most grantees will win a minimum of USD 5,000 to be invested directly into their businesses. Some entrepreneurs will win higher amounts up to the maximum of USD 20,000.

“Diamonds Do Good® believes that by supporting entrepreneurs we are helping to shape a sustainable future for all. In addition to our support for entrepreneurship in natural diamond mining areas in Africa, and India where 9 out of 10 diamonds are cut and polished, we are pleased to include South Africa in 2024“, said Nancy Orem Lyman. Executive Director, Diamonds Do Good®.

In 2023 there were 20 finalists from 7 countries and a total of 10 UPG Biashara Entrepreneurs won cash grants through the Diamonds do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant. The winners came through several competitive rounds, including a series of “Shark Tank” style pitches.

Xabrina-Michel’li, a recipient of the $5,000 Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant in the Class of 2023, has conceived a business venture focused on selling a distinctively crafted collection of sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone jewelry, tailored specifically to cater to the local market. This idea stems from her extensive background in the fine jewellery industry, spanning eight years of experience. Additionally, her comprehensive jewellery education, which includes the attainment of various international qualifications and accolades, has contributed to the development of this concept.

Another recipient of the $5,000 Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant, Nonhlanhla Cynthia is presently engaged in finding a remedy for the issue of Plastic Pollution arising from the disposal of latex gloves on land, which ultimately find their way into rivers and oceans. Her groundbreaking concept involves creating a dual-purpose solution that addresses multiple problems simultaneously. Her innovative concept involves designing a biodegradable hand sanitizer in the form of a glove. This 2-in-1 product can be applied to the hands, providing sanitization while remaining effective for up to an hour. The unique feature of this glove is that it can be easily peeled off and dissolves in water within a few minutes, leaving no waste or residue behind.

As a priority country in 2024, South African entrepreneurs will enjoy a distinct advantage in being selected for UPG Biashara and stand a chance to become finalists and winners of the Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant.

About United People Global: UPG is a community that encourages and enables people to make the world better place. UPG believes that all people have the power and the responsibility to participate in making the world a better place. The work of this global community is facilitated by United People Global Foundation, an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland. UPG is not a political or religious organisation.

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