The Crypto Era in International Logistics: Payment with Cryptocurrency Becomes Widespread


Playing a leading role in the use of cryptocurrencies in the e-export sector, ShipEntegra provides a secure environment between sellers and buyers in the sector with the use of crypto money, and provides a competitive advantage by offering fast and low transaction fees in cross-border payments. Attracting the attention of users with its payment facilities, ShipEntegra continues its activities with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of Turkish origin products in the global market.
Underlining that crypto money payments bring important innovations to the logistics industry, ShipEntegra CEO Ali Ceylan said, “These innovations include fast and easy payments, decentralized transactions, secure and transparent transactions, low costs, the use of smart contracts and advanced traceability. is playing. In particular, logistics systems between countries may require complex operations. Performing these transactions with high security has become a preferred method for e-exporters. At the same time, the cryptocurrency payment method helps logistics companies expand their customer base by accelerating their payment processes.”
Saying that the crypto payment method will become increasingly widespread in the coming period, Ceylan said that in a world where digitalization and technological advances are accelerating, it is likely that crypto money payments will become more widespread and accepted in logistics transactions. Ceylan continued his words as follows: “As a safe, fast and cost-effective payment method, cryptocurrencies will be preferred more in the logistics sector. In addition, thanks to their decentralized nature, the use of cryptocurrencies in cross-border trade and international transactions is expected to increase. Therefore, we foresee that crypto payments will be used more widely in the logistics industry in the future. There is also data to support this prediction. Research conducted in 2022 showed that transactions made with cryptocurrencies increased by 74 percent compared to the previous year. This increase means that crypto money payments are becoming widespread and their use is increasing rapidly. We can say that this increase has a positive effect on the integrations and transaction rate in our system. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, it is expected that payments with cryptocurrencies will become more common in the logistics industry. This allows logistics companies to transact more quickly, safely and cost-effectively. All these data and trends show that crypto payments will grow and play an important role in the logistics industry in the future.”

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