Genesys and Limitless Launch New Digital Experience for Consumers


Genesys, a global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions, announced a partnership with Limitless, a pioneer in Gig Customer Experience (GigCX). Together, the companies are leading a new era of digital customer experiences to create more authentic, human connections between brands and consumers. Genesys and Limitless are helping businesses extend their contact center teams using a gig workforce comprised of brand experts that can provide consumers anywhere in the world with new levels of trusted support. End-customers will benefit from reliable answers to their questions from passionate, experienced users of products and services via their preferred digital channels, such as text and chat.

Customer service issues are so diverse in nature that not all needs can be effectively met through the traditional contact center. In many cases, consumers actually prefer the support and advice that only other users can provide. To meet this need, consumers have long depended on online review systems for education about products and to inform purchase decisions. This trend has only accelerated as consumers increasingly shift to e-commerce from in-person shopping as result of the events of the past year. Unfortunately, recent research suggests that fake reviews are now a far too common reality.

Limitless is filling a gap in the service experience by providing consumers access to trusted brand advocates for authenticated, peer support. Businesses also benefit with a ready-to-go talent pool to help scale their workforce during busy periods. For example, brand aficionados, such as a proficient eBay store owner, Microsoft Xbox guru or Sun Basket loyalist, can serve as customer service experts via the Limitless Gig CX platform and get paid for the skills they’ve picked up along the way.

AI-powered service experiences built for digital consumers

By bringing together Genesys Cloud™ with the Limitless GigCX platform, now brands can provide a more connected contextual experience across the customer journey. Genesys orchestrates this integration by leveraging AI capabilities, which predict and blend the resources necessary to resolve a customer’s inquiry, whether a Limitless Expert, contact center agent or even a bot. Genesys AI also works in the background to ensure customers have a seamless hand-off between the Limitless expert and contact center.

For example, if a consumer is requesting support about a product they recently purchased, AI is used to automatically assign a Limitless Expert to troubleshoot and provide advice. If during the exchange a customer would like to upgrade or purchase another product, the inquiry can be passed with full context back to the brand’s contact center so an agent can help to complete the purchase. In addition, AI assists both the Limitless expert and agent by surfacing relevant information and customer history to enhance their knowledge so they can deliver a better experience.

Under the partnership, Genesys is making a strategic investment in Limitless to support the growth of its platform. Genesys joins other Limitless investors at a key point in the five-year-old company’s trajectory with its closing of a recent Series B financing valued at $10 million.

Commenting on the news:

  • “Recent events have highlighted two important trends: how customer service can exist outside the walls of the contact center; and the importance of digital platforms, AI, and automation in enabling such remote service to maintain or exceed customer engagement expectations,” said Mila D’Antonio, Principal Analyst, Omdia. “The Genesys and Limitless partnership offers businesses a path to transform and scale their customer service, as well as optimize efficiency, customer resolution and workforce planning.”
  • “By partnering with Limitless, we’re enabling brands to connect customers with credible, authentic support that has the power to elevate ordinary transactions into more meaningful, lasting relationships,” said Olivier Jouve, executive vice president and general manager of Genesys Cloud. “Together, we are helping businesses deliver unique customer experiences driven by AI that ultimately offers digital consumers more value while extending the capabilities of their contact centers.”
  • “Our partnership with Genesys marks an important step forward in our global expansion initiatives,” said Roger Beadle, CEO, Limitless. “We’re working together to reimagine how brands and people connect in a digital world. By leveraging the combined power of Genesys Cloud and the Limitless Gig CX platforms, we’re enabling businesses to deliver new levels of customer service driven by AI and Gig Experts.”

About Genesys
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