Togg makes its international debut at CES in Las Vegas

  • Turkey’s global technology brand focused on mobility, Togg showcased its innovations at CES 2022.
  • Togg introduced its visionary Transition Concept Smart Device
  • Togg shared its differentiated approach, its USE CASE Mobility® concept, and technological solutions, including ‘Data-Based Business Models’, ‘New Mobility Services’, ‘Smart Life’, and ‘Smart Charging’
  • M. Gürcan Karakaş, CEO of Togg, explained that Togg is not a traditional automobile company: “We are a technology company operating in the field of mobility, based at the meeting point of East and West, and where the rational and emotional collide. We are creating mobility solutions in a new world in which the auto industry is rapidly transforming into a mobility ecosystem by putting the user and data first.”

Togg has made its public debut at CES 2022, the world’s largest consumer electronics show. It held a press conference at the event to announce its vision to the world.

The company was founded to create a global brand with 100 percent Turkish intellectual and industrial property and to serve as the backbone of the Turkish mobility ecosystem.  

M. Gürcan Karakaş, CEO of Togg, declared that the company is not a traditional automobile manufacturer: “We define ourselves as a technology company. That is why we are at CES, the gathering place for the latest technological innovations and firsts.”

Karakaş noted that the automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation into a mobility ecosystem: “The transformation that occurred in the mobile phone industry in response to changing user expectations is occurring in the automotive industry today. More agile, creative, collaborative, user-centric organizations, not necessarily the big and established brands, will be the most successful in the near future. The race in this field is just beginning, and we are in this race. Moreover, we have a significant advantage because we were born into this world.”

USE CASE Mobility® concept

Togg was created to design and deliver a completely user-centric approach.

“We defined our C-SUV smart device as user-centric, smart, empathetic, connected, autonomous, shared, and electric,” said Gürcan Karakaş. “The USE CASE Mobility® concept, which embodies these characteristics, has been registered around the world. We worked on over 350 use cases and came up with over 40 innovative ideas. More than 2000 people took part in quantitative research, which included more than 30 focus groups and interviews. A ‘User Journey Map’ was developed, based on the concepts we prioritized.”

Pleasant mobility guaranteed

Karakaş stated that Togg’s technologies, brought together under the ‘Smart Life’ platform, encompass much more than a fully connected car. “We are building Togg with a completely user-centric approach. If a product does not create user value it will not survive.

“We are creating mobility solutions through a business model that is user-centric and data-driven. We’re developing solutions that will enable a more comfortable mobility experience through the ecosystem and that will grow around our smart device.

“Our portfolio includes smart energy solutions. We will manufacture our batteries in-house through Siro Silk Road Clean Energy Solutions, a joint venture with Farasis Energy. Additionally, our business plan includes battery research and development. With our current and future battery product lines, we aim to supply batteries for all types of electric vehicles and to establish a presence in non-automotive sectors as a battery and energy storage systems provider.”

Europe’s born electric SUV

Togg aims to produce one million vehicles in five different segments by 2030. “By the end of 2022, we will launch our first mass production vehicle,” said Gürcan Karakaş. “Our first vehicle in the C-segment, the SUV, will be launched in the first quarter of 2023 following the completion of homologation tests. It will be the first electric SUV produced in continental Europe by a non-traditional manufacturer. A C-segment sedan and a C-segment hatchback will then enter production. With the addition of the B-SUV and C-MPV to the family in the coming years, our product range will be completed with five models sharing the same DNA and same platform.”

Togg’s vision car is a dynamic and innovative fastback

Togg’s smart device, which was unveiled to the world at CES 2022, was transported to the United States via a Turkish Cargo aircraft. The car is a dynamic and innovative fastback that introduces Togg’s styling DNA. The basis of the car’s styling concept is the muscular rear design and the shoulder line that extends from the headlights to the rear, presenting a strong side profile. The car’s illuminated Togg logo represents the unification of Eastern and Western cultures.

Duality creating a balance between East and West

During the Togg logo selection process, Togg’s team sought to retain the company’s Turkish origins while creating a global brand. Gürcan Karakaş said: “The two arrows in the logo design represent the fusion of East and West, forming a gemstone in the center. The duality theme in our logo encourages us to strive for a rational and emotional balance between East and West in both exterior and interior design. Additionally, our logo emphasizes that Togg is a technology company that connects technology and people at the juncture of today and tomorrow through its life-improving mobility solutions.”

Olive trees representing the organic and the synthesized worlds

Gemlik, the home of Togg, is a world leader in olive production. By establishing Europe’s cleanest production facility, Togg aims to ensure that the centuries-old olive trees in Gemlik continue to thrive for thousands of years. This ambition was presented at CES by a real olive tree – with a lifespan of over 1,000 years – planted alongside a 3D printed olive tree made from recycled plastic, created in 1001 hours.

These were displayed alongside the Transition Concept Smart Device at CES to demonstrate Togg’s commitment to recycling, sustainability and environmental protection. The two trees growing side by side in the same location symbolize the integration of nature, technology, and recycling; it also represents the synthesis of humankind and modern technology, of nature and digitization, and of science and art.

Four cornerstones of the mobility ecosystem reflected on the screens

Togg’s vision was also reflected in the four screens arranged in the shape of the Togg logo at the company’s CES booth entrance. Each screen highlighted the key features that comprise the Togg ecosystem: the data-driven business model; new mobility solutions; innovations in smart energy; and smart life solutions.

With Güvenç Özel, Togg technologies became art

Güvenç Özel is a renowned architect, designer, and artist who is listed among the ‘Most Influential Turks Living in the United States’. He brought artificial intelligence and art together for Togg during CES with a digital composition, titled ‘Visualizing the Meanings of Words’, primarily addressing the mobility ecosystem.

Arzu Kaprol’s imprint on the team

Arzu Kaprol is a world-renowned designer who has collaborated on projects that combine fashion and technology. Kaprol created the Togg team’s uniforms using sustainable design and manufacturing methods. Togg blue was prominent in the clothing, which was designed and produced entirely in Turkey. While the collection’s unisex approach emphasized gender equality, the sustainability approach reflected Togg’s future vision.

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