Schneider Electric’s School of Sustainability Begins

  • Schneider Electric, a global leader in sustainability, is opening the Sustainability School program it developed for its employees to businesses around the world.
  • In the three-part program, participants learn how to prepare their companies for the future and accelerate their decarbonisation journey.

  • Leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric is opening the Sustainability School, which it has designed and successfully implemented for the development of its employees in the field of sustainability, to the participation of representatives of businesses around the world this year. The Schneider Electric School for Sustainability, which is free to access and offers courses through a digital platform, consists of a series of interactive programs aimed at equipping companies and professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to improve their sustainability performance.
    “The Sustainability School is a powerful breakthrough that we designed to prove that companies can not only do better work for the planet, but also create a leap in performance by doing so,” said Sorouch Kheradmand, Director of Partner Sustainability, Schneider Electric. We are proud to announce the launch of our new online courses designed to encourage, equip and inspire individuals and organizations to adopt sustainability practices. “Sustainability is at the heart of our business and we believe education is key to managing change and creating a more sustainable future.”
    Decarbonizing the economy also opens the door to business opportunities
    The Paris Agreement of 2015 triggered a global movement to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions. A recent Gartner study found that 87% of business leaders expect their sustainability spending to increase over the next two years.
    But despite this growing commitment to decarbonisation, a sizable knowledge and skills gap remains a barrier to progress. In addition, companies increasingly rely on partners with sustainability expertise to support them in decarbonizing their operations.

  • Schneider Electric operates as an Impact Company that puts sustainability at the center of its business to create a positive, lasting impact on the planet and society. With a program focused on the Electricity 4.0 approach, the Sustainability School complements and strengthens this commitment. The Sustainability School supports its participants in accelerating climate action in three key areas: Strategy Formation, Digitization and Decarbonisation.
    In particular, SMEs lack the necessary knowledge and tools in strategic areas such as setting climate targets, measuring impacts such as carbon emissions, and tracking and reporting progress. With this awareness, the Sustainability School was designed to support its participants in starting their journey towards decarbonisation. The three-part program covers a range of areas, from energy efficiency and renewable energy to circular economy and sustainable transport.
    • Episode 1; Understanding sustainability and associated risks: In the first part of the application process, participants will explore the fundamentals of sustainability and the importance of businesses applying environmental, social and governance factors (ESG). They will also learn about sustainability jargon and scientific terms.
  • Chapter 2; Exploring how to take sustainable action as a company: The second part, whose registration begins in Q3 of the year, focuses on how SMEs can create a decarbonization strategy, including information on easy-to-implement tools that can support them in decarbonizing their own and customers’ operations.
  • Chapter 3; Leveraging sustainable skills to increase job opportunities: The third part, scheduled to start in Q1 2024, outlines key knowledge and tools learned throughout the program (from energy efficiency to decarbonisation) to support participants in putting theory into practice.
    To join the Schneider Electric School for Sustainability:
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