SAP Launches SAP Learning Hub, Partner Edition, Designed Specifically for Partners


SAP Learning Hub, partner edition, bundles the necessary learning tools into one affordable solution. It includes access to the entire enablement content portfolio, hands-on practice, and assessments to help partners stay up-to-date on the latest SAP innovations and to keep their certifications current.

“Learning is a powerful enabler for digital transformation,” said Max Wessel, chief learning officer, SAP. “As SAP and our ecosystem accelerate to the cloud, SAP Learning Hub, partner edition, will help ensure that our partners have the skills and certifications they need to be successful.”

As today’s digital transformation technology advances and cloud innovations rapidly emerge, SAP experts and partners need to update their relevant skills and knowledge continually. The new edition of SAP Learning Hub, tailored for SAP partners, is built on the existing partner engagement framework and signals SAP’s commitment to partner and customer success.

“SAP partners with SAP Global Certification are at a premium to help customers become intelligent enterprises by providing high-quality services,” said Karl Fahrbach, chief partner officer, SAP. “As the foundation for customer success, partners, who run almost 90 percent of all SAP implementations, can now benefit from the partner edition of SAP Learning Hub, elevating their experience and better positioning themselves for future success by building, strengthening and validating relevant skills.”

SAP Learning Hub, partner edition, combines:

  • Learning content to build product skills for solutions across the SAP portfolio, including leading SAP solutions like SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Access to enablement content for members of SAP PartnerEdge
  • Hands-on practice on live SAP software training systems
  • Expert-led and peer-to-peer learning environments
  • Opportunities to obtain SAP Global Certification digital badges and stay current with technology advances

With a highly proficient and certified workforce across SAP solution areas, SAP partners can more effectively differentiate themselves, encourage continuous customer engagement and ultimately drive value and success for customers. Certifications not only demonstrate a commitment to deliver excellence in a tangible way but also help to differentiate organizations by verifying high-quality expertise.

Amid the quick pace of digital transformation – and the subsequent need to adapt quickly and continually – SAP Learning Hub, partner edition, provides a comprehensive solution that covers initial learning content, certification and ongoing training. As new product innovations and releases are available throughout 2021, SAP will update the partner edition learning content to enable partners to keep their knowledge, skill sets and certifications current.

Starting February 15, 12-month subscriptions will be available exclusively to members of the SAP PartnerEdge program for less than €750. Learn more about SAP Learning Hub, partner edition, by visiting us on the Web. For partners, please visit the SAP PartnerEdge site (requires login). For everyone else, please visit the Web page for SAP Learning Hub.

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