Emel Quantum Energy Launches Revolutionary Vehicle, Earth-1


Emel Quantum Energy, an automobile company, has invented a brand-new series of zero-emission cars. Through quantum physics technology, the company has created a fully electric, cost-efficient and eco-friendly, smart car called Earth-1. These neoteric vehicles will revolutionize the transport industry.

The Earth-1 is a quad motor engine-powered car with a supercharging battery of 200kw. It can ride at a speed of 200 mph with an average of 100 miles/city or 140 miles/highway. In other words, this car will give the user an electrifying adventure.

Earth-1 has an engine designed with a smart battery system that has a charging capacity of 350volts/125amp. Along with that comes a smart connectivity feature that allows the buyer to hook up the car with AI technologies like Siri and Alexa. Another unique feature of Emel Quantum Energy’s Earth-1 is the facial recognition component powered by Google.

“Select our plaid configuration and you’ll be among the first in line for an electric adventure. EARTH1 plaid edition comes equipped with our Advanced A.I. features including the EMEL 360° audio system, providing rich sound”, says a spokesperson for Emel Quantum Energy.

Among the products manufactured by Emel Quantum Energy is the UV light sanitizer and the UV sanitizer diaper bag. The company assures 99% sterilization along with multiple other benefits that are further explained on their website: https://emel.website/e-m-e-l.

Emel Quantum Energy is an automobile company that specializes in inventing vehicles powered by green energy. The company focuses on creating sustainable power solutions which will be applied in developing automobiles and introducing clean and green renewable energy. Emel Quantum Energy hopes to gradually eliminate all gasoline-powered vehicles.
For more information, please visit: https://emel.website/e-m-e-l

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