Siemens and Infinite Acres Advance Vertical Farming in The Hague

Siemens and Infinite Acres sign MoU for a vertical farming Field-Lab and Experience Center in The Hague

Siemens Netherlands and Infinite Acres, the technology company of 80 Acres Farms, are one step closer to building a vertical farming Field-Lab and Experience Center in The Hague, featuring Siemens technology and services. The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in which they agreed to jointly open a multi-part research center at Infinite Acres’ headquarters in The Hague.

In this research center, the companies will integrate Siemens’ state-of-the-art hardware and software with Infinite Acres’ operating platform and controlled environment growing technology, as well as learnings from Infinite Acres research and development facilities in the United States. The result: advancing the ability for Infinite Acres global breeding and technology partners to expedite the development of the vertical farming industry. With this, both parties are committed to develop sustainable, eco-friendly, and healthy food cultivation solutions across the U.S. and the world.

Vertical farming is an innovative form of food cultivation. By growing food in high-tech controlled-environment facilities, vertical farming companies can avoid some of the problems associated with traditional agriculture—including high water usage, soil degradation, and the impact of unpredictable weather conditions. Indoor-grown produce is easier to trace from seed to shelf, which allows for more trustworthy supply chains. It can reach consumers’ plates more quickly because indoor farms can be located anywhere, which means fresher food, longer shelf life, and less waste.

“Vertical farming is a sustainable, yet high-tech solution that requires both experts in agriculture and technology to work together to scale new solutions quickly,” said John Parrott, vice president and food and beverage head at Siemens Digital Industries US. “The result will be nutritious food — easily accessible to everyone globally.”

In the Field-Lab, Siemens and Infinite Acres will drive innovation in the field of vertical farming. The Experience Center will show potential customers what vertical farming looks like in practice.

“By bringing together Siemens technology and Infinite Acres growing expertise, we can help solve the diverse challenges surrounding agriculture,” says Infinite Acres CEO Tisha Livingston. “Our collaboration with Siemens is helping us standardize, industrialize, and scale our vertical farming technology, so we can feed the future.”

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