Researcher Dr. Balmelli Increases Farmers Plant Growth New Innovative Technology


It can be hard to imagine a world where the earth is reaching its full potential, especially in a time when climate change is so prevalent in current conversations.

For Dr. Fulvio Balmelli, however–a Swiss researcher based in Como, Italy–the idea of such a world was not impossible.

After 20 years of research, Dr. Balmelli discovered a new technology, Kyminasi, that helps solve many common farming problems faced around the world. The idea of solving these problems boiled down to the fact that if the plants that provide the food we eat are not their best, our bodies won’t function at their best.

Kyminasi Technology is making waves in the agricultural industry, helping farms reach their fullest potential without the use of chemicals or negatively impacting the environment. This is made possible through the science of wave frequencies; electrons’ natural vibrational movement. These frequencies are found in all parts of life, from larger scale earthquakes to smaller scale conversations. Examples of frequencies can also be found in communication, whether it’s two dolphins leading each other through the ocean by sound or radio stations using electromagnetic waves to reach billions of people around the world. Dr. Balmelli’s theory centered around the idea that if we can use frequencies to communicate with each other, what would that mean if we could do the same with plants?

The Kyminasi Plant Booster “is based on the theory that the natural frequencies of the vibrational bonds between atoms in a plant can affect the chemistry and health of that plant.” It works by sending low frequency waves from the plant’s water source as a non-invasive “communication” to the plant giving it the necessary strength that it needs in order to grow stronger, faster, bigger, healthier, and tastier. These frequencies don’t change anything about the water, farming, or plants themselves. They just use the science of vibrations (by measuring and controlling hertz levels in small micro-transmitters) to support the plants’ growth and health.

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