IoT Connected Auto Fleet Management Platform For Car Tracking/Monitoring Launch


Fueloyal Inc. has launched a new fleet management service for its Internet of Things (IoT) and connected vehicle platform. The feature provides real-time fleet visibility and field data from any location in the world.

The newly launched fleet management and IoT connected platform service enables OEMs and companies, and other users to track and monitor their auto assets remotely. This can help organizations improve their operational efficiency as they can track their usage and driver behaviors.

This can range from positive behaviors such as arriving on time and taking the most efficient route to poor behaviors, including speeding, harsh braking, and dangerous driving. The advantages of this data being collected are the fact that business leaders can implement compliance practices to improve the company with the Fueloyal fleet management solution and IoT connected vehicle platform.

From a consumer perspective, those who implement the fleet management system can enhance their customer service through communication. For instance, users of the connected vehicle platform can provide real-time updates to their customers if they are waiting for a vehicle or delivery.

Features such as this are useful for parents, customers, and outside stakeholders who want to track route progress and receive alerts automatically. Fleet management service gives customers peace of mind since they can anticipate arrivals or delays, which improves customer service, reduces calls, and helps companies better conduct their operations.

Custom geo-fences can be implemented to give users full control over their data monitoring settings and analysis. The IoT vehicle solutions provided by Fueloyal Inc. can be used by any car company, from taxicab fleet managers to truck fleet management companies.

A ‘Time on Site Report’ feature enables managers to oversee fuel consumption, asset utilization, route planning and track how long it takes for deliveries and collections to be completed by drivers. This knowledge could motivate drivers to meet their targets and can be used in performance review meetings.

In addition, the data can inform company training programs and manuals to ensure there are standardized practices.

Fueloyal was founded in 2015 as an automotive IoT and connected vehicle platform provider. The company aims to utilize self-developed and patented IoT technology and provide corporations and OEMs with a suite of connected vehicle and business solutions. Some of the company integration possibilities include fleet management, camera telematics, IoT gateways, MaaS, and car tracking services.

The latest launch is in line with the company’s commitment to providing configurable connected vehicle platform solutions that meet the client’s specific needs.

With the recent announcement, the team at Fueloyal Inc is dedicated to helping vehicle OEMs and corporations improve the efficiency of their fleet management system and launch their own branded connectivity and telematics platforms.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Authorized users can anticipate arrivals or delays, which improves customer service, reduces calls, and thus become a differentiator for your business.”

“Our fleet management and IoT connected vehicle platform will ultimately improve your system operations and help grow your business,” they added.

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