distedavim, which facilitates important processes in the dental sector, received an investment of 200 thousand dollars over a valuation of 6.5 million dollars.

distedavim investment

Distedavim, which aims to facilitate all kinds of dental treatment services and product purchases in the field of dentistry, completed its pre-seed funding round in November, receiving $200,000 with a valuation of $6.5 million.

Established by Efe Çelebi, co-founder of DentGroup dental clinics, with the motto “Everything about teeth,” Distedavim Technology Services Inc. started its operations in May last year. Its first product, “dtSanalPOS,” offers installment payment services for treatment services provided by dental clinics to their patients, as well as payments made to dental material/service providers. In 11 months, the company reached more than 1,400 dentist members and a transaction volume of 50 million TL.

Its investors include Koray Bahar, İzzet Halyo, Levent Hatay, Yavuz İrtem, Mine Dedekoca, Kurthan Atmaca, Savaş Yılmazer, Kaan Boncuk, Umur Çulha, Ufuk Coşkun, Kübel Özkut, Cihan Çapan, Emek Ertener, Evren Kırıkoğlu, and Serhat Özer. Additionally, Distedavim is preparing for its second funding round in June.

Founder Efe Çelebi announced that with this new investment, they plan to expand their domestic platform distedavim.com and their international platform dentalprices.com, which enable patients to make appointments with dental clinics and have online consultations, and introduce new products.

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