Startups Raised $120M in Turkey!

The investments made in 2020 and startups that raised funds were examined in the 2020 Turkey Investment Report published by StartupCentrum on 19/01/2021. In addition, much detailed information such as education and gender distribution of the entrepreneurs who raised funds were also included. Investors were examined as the most investing VCs, angel investor networks, and individual technology investors.In the report, startups that raised funds are analyzed with questions such as what their income models are, what their customer focus is, what technologies they use most. With this report, you can evaluate the entrepreneurship ecosystem in 2020 for Turkey.
Startups Raised $120M in Turkey!

In 2020, the total investment amount increased by 38%, reaching $120M. 138 investments were made in 132 startups. Most of the startups in the ecosystem of Turkey from Istanbul. 75% of the startups raised funding in 2020 is located in Istanbul, 12% is in Ankara, and 6% is in Izmir. The surprising city of this year is Bursa. 2 of the 4 startups in Bursa announced their funding amount, they raised a total of $670,000. Eskişehir, on the other hand, became one of the cities that received funding with 2 startups working in the fields of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology. 2 startups raised funding in Antalya and Samsun work in the health sector.

Abroad Turkish founders raised $366M in technology startups. 19 startups were acquired by different companies like Amazon. When we examine the founders of the startups that raised funding in 2020, we see a distribution of 88.7% male and 11.3% female entrepreneurs.

When we examine the universities founders graduated from, Bogazici University, Middle East Technical University, and Istanbul Technical University come first.When we examine the investors, Hande Enes is the most invested angel investor with 9 investments. Among the VCs, Tarvenn is the most invested VC with 18 investments, and Keiretsu Forum is the most invested angel network with 12 investments.

The global startup platform StartupCentrum examines the entrepreneurship ecosystems of various countries and publishes reports in different languages. 2020 Turkey Investment Report has been published in Turkish and English. 
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