Glogi Smart Glove: Industry 5.0 Product Is Revolutionizing Logistics Industry


 Thread In Motion, the company that develops industrial wearable technologies and integrated software, announced its new product Glogi. The smart glove Glogi, developed to serve the logistics processes of all sectors, especially operations such as warehouse, goods entry-exit, goods counting, cross-docking, picking, and sorting, provides 50 percent efficiency in time and cost. Providing information about the development process of the product, Thread in Motion’s Founding Partner and CEO Kadir Demircioğlu said, “As Thread in Motion, our main goal can be summarized as to accelerate operational processes in every industry by reducing human error margin and increasing traceability. With the smart gloves we have developed, since the first day we started, we aimed to prevent mistakes and increase efficiency by using the power of wearable technology in logistics and production processes in which people take an active role. Glogi also came out with this point of view. After achieving successful works with many global brands in the automotive sector, we started to work to make the processes faster and more efficient in the field of logistics, which is a rising and growing sector. While Glogi recognizes products and locations with the camera and barcode reader it has on, it enables employees to perform error-free transactions with haptic feedback mechanisms. Working hands-free, integrated with warehouse management and monitoring systems, Glogi speeds up operations by more than 50 percent. In addition, thanks to our data analysis platform, which works in integration with Glogi, predictive estimation method and algorithms, it guides the decision-making mechanisms for the processes to proceed in a healthier and smoother way. Thus, our customer portfolio has expanded in terms of automotive and logistics.”


The smart glove Glogi works in integration with the existing systems of the institutions and makes the business processes more ergonomic, faster and traceable with less error rate. Thanks to its hands-free operation, Glogi saves up to a minimum of 4 seconds in each collection or barcode reading operation. Thanks to the weight and flexibility of 1/10 of the hand terminal, it provides the opportunity for the personnel to work much more efficiently.


With the investment of Sabancı Holding’s Corporate Venture Capital, Sabancı CVC, TIM, which has gained a valuation of $13 million, exports smart products to 8 different countries, mainly Germany and the U.S. In addition, Demircioğlu said, “While our smart gloves store operational data, the software platform we have developed enables the optimization of all related processes by analyzing this data. Our vision as a company is to become a Big Data company by using data flows in different areas.”

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