Hong Kong-Based Tech Startup Revolutionizes Potentiometer Durability


Cutting-edge technology startup Syncbot — headquartered in Hong Kong — announces a groundbreaking advancement in potentiometer technology, unveiling the T16 model, which boasts a remarkable 200-fold increase in durability compared to traditional counterparts.

The prevailing issue with traditional potentiometers lies in the wear and tear of the insulated solder-mask on the printed circuit board (PCB) caused by the rotation of built-in magnets and a plastic shell during operation.

As depicted in the disassembled PCBA image, the rotating magnets and their plastic shell gradually scrape off the insulated solder-mask, exposing copper routes and vias on the PCB. Over time, this wear and tear leads to potentiometer failure due to open circuits and short circuits.

In response to this challenge, the startup introduces a revolutionary design exemplified by the T16 model. Notably, modifications have been implemented to prevent direct contact between the rotating magnets and the PCB. The rotating plastic shell, housing the magnets, no longer comes into contact with the PCB, ensuring the integrity of the insulated solder-mask.

This innovative design not only enhances the durability of the potentiometer but also minimizes the burden on the device by leveraging the capabilities of a microcontroller unit (MCU) on the Syncbot. For instance, the initial angle value correction compensation is programmed into the MCU post-assembly, allowing it to detect and compute correction results, subsequently stored within the MCU. This streamlined approach reduces the need for numerous test points, routes, and vias on the potentiometer.

The result is a potentiometer that not only exhibits significantly improved durability but also eliminates the risk of open circuits and short circuits caused by wear and tear on the insulated solder-mask. This forward-thinking approach showcases the startup’s commitment to optimizing potentiometer design, contributing to enhanced reliability and longevity in electronic components. 

For more detailed information about the T16 model, please visit Syncbot T16 Model.

About Syncbot:

Syncbot is a Hong Kong-based startup that released the T16 model to increase potentiometer durability. The birth of T16 strengthens the company’s drive to further optimize potentiometer design, enhancing its performance and longevity. The team at Syncbot continues to make advancements in T16 technology today to boost potentiometers to new heights in the future.

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