New Investment Network from Serafettin Ozsoy and Ahmet Sefa Bir: in4startups


Serafettin Ozsoy and Ahmet Sefa Bir, who are well-known to the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem, established an investment platform that will bring entrepreneurs and investors together. Although the digital infrastructure preparations of the in4startups investment network are continuing, as of May, startup applications and investor registrations will begin.

in4startups investment network, which was born globally and started its operations globally, will operate with different investment network licenses in different countries.

Global and digital investment network in4startups itself is open to investment with a startup reflex. For the next 2 years, it wants to accelerate its growth by rapidly receiving investments.

In the business model of in4startups, startups will apply directly to in4startups platform. Business analysis, technical analysis, legal analysis and financial analysis will be made about the startups that are found positive as a result of the applications. Startups accepted into the system will be matched with investors who are members of the system.

On the other hand, investors who will apply to the system will also be analyzed, their priorities and strategic expectations will be analyzed. As the parties can discover each other on the system, matches will also be made by the in4startups team. By managing the investment amount that the startup will need and the strategic expectations of the investors, investment rounds will be managed in a way that will allow different investors to enter as “co-investors”.

 Since many analyzes for startups will be prepared on the platform, services will be provided not only for the purpose of investing, but also for organizations that want to cooperate with startups.

In4startups aims to start its operations in different countries in a short time. The country markets it prioritizes are as follows: Turkiye, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, Dubai, Kuwait, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and USA.

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