Crypto Liquidity Platform Black Ocean Opens Customer Whitelist

Customer whitelist opened

The Black Ocean project has opened its potential customer whitelist and confirmed candidates will be notified privately about how it will be run. As a reminder, the official launch of the Black Ocean exchange is planned for Q2 2021.

The first customers will be able to run all systems and try the advantages of the Black Ocean exchange. The project provides both a liquidity pool as well as a dark pool service for institutional customers, along with market makers, so all users’ needs will be satisfied.

Also, Black Ocean has an incentive program for whitelisted customers:

  • Top-3: token reward $50-30-15k and improved trading conditions;
  • Top-10: extremely improved trading conditions;
  • Top-50: improved trading conditions.

Black Ocean is designed to provide liquidity and executions for exchanges and OTC desks. It means a customer can be connected to the Black Ocean liquidity pool and route its order flow (from its customers) to the company’s trading venue. Black Ocean’s market makers will execute these orders and Black Ocean pays for this order flow to a customer.

The second part of Black Ocean is a dark pool. The project can serve the customer demand to trade more than $300k per transaction on an RFQ model. Black Ocean has some advantages compared to ordinary exchanges and OTC:

  • No counterparty risk – trades will be executed under an exchange model and the customer’s assets are stored in a licensed custodian (Black Ocean use Cactus Custody by Matrixport);
  • No market fluctuation – if you drop an order with $300k worth into an exchange, you will cause a price movement and may suffer losses.

The Black Ocean project is aimed at building strong relationships with its customers, so all users can get detailed information with the latest news through official channels. Simply visit the official website and subscribe to Black Ocean’s social media to stay in touch.

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