Cube Incubation Takes its Mentorship Program to the Global Scale with the “Global Startup Mentorship Program”


Teknopark Istanbul Cube Incubation Center has recently started to move its services to a global scale. Cube Incubation has determined one of these areas as the mentorship program. In the current mentorship program, they provide mentoring support to approximately 100 startups with 160 mentors in Turkey. The success of the project in a short time motivated the Cube Incubation team to carry the program to a global scale.

The main goal of the “Global Startup Mentorship Program” is to include experienced mentors from the startup ecosystems in different countries and to bring these mentors together with entrepreneurs from different countries.

Cube Incubation’s Global Startup Mentorship Program has some differences from the current mentorship program in Turkey. Firstly, mentors will mostly be accepted from outside Turkey. In addition, entrepreneurs of Cube Incubation primarily benefit from this mentorship platform, but with the reference of mentors, startups from different countries will also be able to benefit.

To benefit from their feedback in the design and development phases of the program, they formed an “Early Adopters” board of 12 people – who are the first mentors of the program. Thus, the features of the program were determined in a very participatory method with this committee.

In the first phase, the program will start with 2 types of activities. The first is ecosystem know-how sharing events for only mentors. Mentors in startup ecosystems in different countries will share the information and news from their countries’ ecosystems with other mentors. The goal is a minimum 3 ecosystem know-how sharing from different countries in each events.  Thus, the mentors participating in the program will be able to expand their business networks by finding direct contacts from ecosystems in different countries. And they will have the chance to benefit from the startup ecosystem opportunities in those countries. In particular, they will have direct access to many career opportunities such as innovation manager, acceleration program manager etc. in the startups ecosystems of different countries.

In the second type of event, Cube Team will bring together the mentors in the program with entrepreneurs from different countries. Thus, by contacting mentors in different countries, startups will both have information about the markets of their target countries and find direct contacts to reach the customers, companies, investors and acceleration programs they want to reach. Mentors will also be able to easily learn about new technologies, startups, business models and investment opportunities.

If you want to join this valuable startup mentor network, you can fill out the application form.

Application form

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