Retail Giant CarrefourSA Saves Time and Costs with Smart Glove Glogi


Thread in Motion, which develops industrial wearable technologies and integrated software, recently announced its new product Glogi. Sabancı Holding and CarrefourSA, a subsidiary of Carrefour Group, also uses Glogi in 11 warehouses, which provides 50 percent efficiency in time and cost.

Especially used in logistics processes, smart gloves are used in many business processes such as goods entry and exit, picking, sorting, goods counting, e-commerce operations. Speaking about the product and the company, Founding Partner and CEO of Thread in Motion, Kadir Demircioğlu said, “Since the day Thread in Motion was founded, we have taken it as our duty to listen to our customers and to respond to their requests by receiving their feedback. Especially with the effect of the pandemic, we released the smart glove Glogi in order to adapt to the big change in the logistics industry; Thus, we achieved the customer satisfaction we aimed by both improving the processes in logistics and increasing the operation speed by fifty percent. We now export the gloves that we developed together with our engineers to eight different countries. This is a great source of pride for us.”

Glogi smart gloves are used in CarrefourSA warehouses

The smart glove Glogi is actively used in 11 warehouses of CarrefourSA. It breaks new ground in the logistics industry with its hands-free ease of use and weight of only 45 grams. In addition, considering the happiness and ergonomics of the employees, the new generation hand terminals are easily integrated into the existing systems in CarrefourSA warehouses.

We make the right decisions by analyzing the right information.

CarrefourSA Logistics Manager Halit Nadir Gül said, “Our paths crossed with Thread In Motion in 2019, after a short demo period, they quickly integrated and our team started using the Glogi smart glove. Glogi is a very effective product in all of our warehouse operations. During the process of our employees, we both achieved a speed increase of more than 50 percent and reduced human errors to almost zero. Moreover, we are in a position to measure the information collected from the field and make more accurate decisions, this is very valuable for us.”

The company exports to 8 different countries, exceeding the valuation of $13 million.

Exporting to eight different countries mainly Germany and USA, the company optimizes all processes in the logistics sector by providing data analysis thanks to the software platform. Thread In Motion is getting stronger day by day with the valuation of over $13 million with the investment made by Sabancı Holding Corporate Venture Capital’s Sabancı CVC.

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